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=AQW= Let's Party Thread! - Read the First Post.

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Professor Spellbane

The thread now has 3 templates for you to choose from: Farming (e.g. for a weapon drop),
PvPing with your fellow forumites, or for Social Gathering (Hang Out, meet new players, etc.)

If you are looking for a party for getting a specific item(s), fight a monster, or reach a goal - Please use the template below:

Monster/Area being farmed:
Specific area location: (Example: /join name-####)
Who to "goto":
Time: (If applicable)
Goal: (If applicable)

If you want to arrange some private PvP matches with your fellow forumites:

Type of PvP:
Recommended level range:
Specific area location: (example: /join name-####)
Who to "goto":
Other notes:

But if you are looking for a group NOT for farming reasons, and just to hang around, meet new people, discuss topics in-person,
a simple party, or work together to create an outstanding video - Please use the template below:

Reason of gathering:
Location of Event:
Who to "goto":


Reposted. This was originally from Professor Nex.

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